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Celebrating Milestones: Spoonie Day's Journey to 10K Users

At Spoonie Day, our mission has always been clear: to provide a platform that simplifies the lives of those living with chronic illnesses. Today, we're thrilled to share some exciting milestones that highlight our journey and the incredible community that supports us.


  • 10,000+ Users: Our community has grown exponentially, and we're proud to announce that we've crossed the 10,000-user mark. This achievement is a testament to the trust and confidence our users have in the Spoonie Day app.

  • Presence in 100+ Countries: Spoonie Day's impact isn't just local; it's global. We're honored to have users from over 100 countries, showcasing the universal need for energy tracking among "Spoonies."

  • 350,000+ Activities Logged: Every activity logged represents a step, a challenge, or a victory in someone's journey. With over 350,000 activities logged, it's evident that our users are actively engaging with the app, finding value in tracking their energy and planning their days.

A Look Back:

Spoonie Day was built around the "Spoon Theory," a concept that elegantly describes the experience of living with a chronic illness. The theory, coined by Christine Miserandino, resonated with many, leading to the birth of a community that identifies their energy consumption in relation to spoons.

Our app was designed to be more than just a tracking tool. With features like ML-driven insights, users can discover trends in their activities, helping them save energy and plan their days more effectively. Our recent features, such as the ability to replenish spoons and copy activities, were introduced based on feedback from our community, ensuring that the app continues to evolve based on real needs.

A Word from the Founder:

Diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS) shortly after the birth of my second son, I felt trapped. But the word "incurable" only fueled my determination. In my search for tools to navigate my new life, the absence of a Spoon tracking app was evident. That's when the idea for Spoonie Day was born. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope for many, making life a tad bit more manageable.


Our journey has been incredible, and it's far from over. With the continued support of our community, we're excited about the future of Spoonie Day. Here's to more milestones, more features, and more spoons!


A special shoutout to Blackburn Labs for their unwavering support and expertise in bringing the Spoonie Day app to life.


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